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Documenting the Sounds of Traveling Musicians

At Home Anywhere is building and distributing a catalog of live studio recordings & (eventually) videos documenting the sounds of traveling musicians and bands out of a home base at The Fort in Brooklyn, NY.

Download At Home Anywhere : Bon Savants 06-07-2009 (24.65 MB)

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At Home Anywhere : Bon Savants

  • At Home Anywhere : Bon Savants
  • At Home Anywhere returns from a overly extended hiatus to bring you three fantasmic new tracks from Boston's Bon Savants! If you're a newcomer to the sounds of Bon Savants, this is a great intro to their music... and a great reason to reach back in time and download a copy of their debut album Post-Rock Defends The Nation. They're taking their sound to a new level with these new tracks, and we're getting a first hand listen of what's to come on their next album. Trust us when we say, you will be blown away by these melody filled, brit-pop influenced tracks. "Angel" finds the band in a mellow and dark spot, somewhere between Air & Spacehog. "Tidal Waves" kicks it up with some incredible hooks and an intensity that the band pulls off effortlessly. "One Point Shy" brings things back down for a slow build that can only be compared to the early swells on Weezer's blue album or Pinkerton with lyrics that rival the best of anything that's ever come out of Jarvis Cocker's mouth. All in all, just three great tracks from a fantastic band.


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